This Korean TV Star Keeps Getting Mistaken for Hyuna’s Boyfriend, E’Dawn

“People tell me I look like Hyuna’s boyfriend.”

On a recent YouTube video shared by TV personality, Kim Na Young, a clothing review took place where she also made her viewers laugh with a truthful confession.

The video shows Kim Na Young picking out clothes and matching them herself before trying them on.

At one point, she tried on a multi-colored hoodie to which the cameraperson remarked, “That looks like the ‘boyfriend look’.

In response, Kim Na Young gave a very refreshing response as she said, “I hear that a lot. People tell me I look like Hyuna’s boyfriend” and made everyone laugh.

By comparing some side-by-side photos of Kim Na Young and Hyuna‘s boyfriend, E’Dawn, it can be seen by many people think she looks a lot like him.

Check out some photos of Kim Na Young below:

As well as those of E’Dawn:


Source: Dispatch
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