Korean Wannable Buys 4 Million Won Worth Of Albums To Get Into Their Fansign, Still Fails

The competition to attend Wanna One’s fansign is crazy!

A Korean Wannable bought over 4 million KRW (~$3800 USD) worth of Wanna One albums to get a chance to attend their fansign event, only to still fail at getting in.

“I entered 213 albums worth 4,260,000 KRW total for Wanna One’s fansign and failed! Clap clap clap!! #WannaOne #FanSign #CompleteFail”


The fan has purchased 213 of Wanna One’s “0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU)” albums just to get a chance to attend their fansign.


Even buying 213 albums was not enough to get selected to attend Wanna One’s fansign! At 20,000 KRW per album, the fan spent a total of 4.26 million KRW ($4,004 USD).


So what is it about their fansigns that everyone is going crazy over trying to attend? Could it possibly be because of Minhyun’s detailed, heart-stopping attention to his fans that everyone wants to go?

Fans Do Not Want To Go To This Male Idol’s Fan Sign Event Because It’s Just “Too Much To Handle…”


Or Kang Daniel’s irresistible smile?


Probably both, and even more! But nonetheless, as proven from this fan’s experience, it seems nearly impossible to get the golden ticket!


The post, which has been going viral, has received a wide variety of comments from fellow fans who empathize with the poster’s situation.

  • “300 albums for 6,000,000 won. It’d be faster for the people who bought the albums to open an event together and invite Wanna One”
  • “This is why I don’t even try. I bought 15 this time but I seriously have no chance”
  • “Daniel’s fans in China have bought over 3~4,000 albums so I’m not even surprised. Good luck”
  • “213 failed? Wow…”
  • “Even if you pay 4,260,000 won in installments, it’s still 355,000 won per month”


The poster expressed gratitude for all the attention he/she has been receiving from the netizens and indicated that there was only one reason for the post: to let people know that buying the albums in bulk doesn’t guarantee a fansign ticket and to prevent them from biting off more than they can chew like she did!


Meanwhile, with the influence of these massive purchases, Wanna One has maintained their rank in top album sales throughout March and sold almost 400,000 albums within the first 10 days of its release.

Source: Seoul EN and Facebook

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