Korean Woman Asks If She Should Dump Her Fiancé Over What Happened To His Pet Snail

Should she hear him out or leave him for good?

The story of a 36-year-old woman’s fight with her fiancé has South Koreans in shock!

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Via a Nate Pann post, the woman sought advice after having a fight with her boyfriend-turned-fiancé of three years. The woman explained that the two had a disagreement over what happened to his pet snail.

Hello, I’m a 36-year-old woman. I had a fight with my fiancé over his pet snail, and he has been accusing me of being too sensitive. So I wanted to hear what other people might think.

My fiancé and I’ve been together for three years. He’s four years older than I am. Throughout the relationship, we’ve never really had any big fights. We’re both quiet homebodies… So I was even more taken aback by what happened.

— Woman

The pet snail was given to the fiancé by his best friend from college—with whom the fiancé was working out a business deal. The woman described the pet snail to have been “quite large.”

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My fiancé has a best friend from college. A few months ago, the two of them decided to open a business together.

And from what I’ve heard, the best friend is interested in exotic pets, like reptiles and insects. And about a year and a half ago, he gave my fiancé a pet snail. The snail was quite large. It had a name and everything. Whenever I’d go over to my fiancé’s place, I’d feed the snail. I’d call it by its name and whatnot.

— Woman

Unfortunately, things went awry between the fiancé and the best friend. The business deal was called off, and their friendship took a hit, too. The woman pointed out that the two hadn’t talked in over a month since.

Then, one weekend after the fiancé had the fallout with his best friend, the woman went over to his place and noticed that the snail was gone. When she asked him about it…

Anyway, the two of them couldn’t come to an agreement about the business plan. They ended up getting into a pretty big fight over it, and the deal was called off. It has been over a month, and they haven’t spoken to each other since.

Last week, when I went to my fiancé’s place, I noticed that the snail was nowhere to be found. The enclosure was still there, but the snail wasn’t inside.

— Woman

…he told her that he had “fried” the snail. Terrified, the woman said that she ran off to her parent’s home.

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When I asked him where the snail went, he said that he fried it. He said, ‘It’s not like I’m going to see [the best friend] ever again, so I got rid of the snail.’ By frying it. I was way too shocked to react. But for some reason, I started feeling scared… So I left.

— Woman

The woman explained that she had not seen the fiancé since then—and that he had been accusing her of being “dramatic and over-sensitive” about the whole thing. She asked the internet for validation: Was she, indeed, being dramatic?

I haven’t seen my fiancé since then. We’re texting, but it’s hostile. He keeps calling me over-sensitive. He insists that it’s not a big deal because the French eat snails. And I eat meat.

Yes, I do eat meat. But that’s not what this is about. Is it? My fiancé had that pet snail for a year and a half. I don’t understand how he could’ve done that to the snail overnight, just because he got into a fight with the best friend who gave him the snail.

He wants to talk in person, but I’ve been staying over at my parents’ place. And it turns out he was at my place. He wanted to know why I wasn’t home. I’m honestly starting to feel a bit threatened, but he’s making it sound like I’m being way too dramatic. What do you think?

— Woman

The post went viral, and—as anticipated—Koreans flooded the post’s comment section with concerns for the woman. Most tried to convince the woman to break up with the fiancé ASAP and keep her distance from him for good.

| Nate Pann
  • “He’s a psychopath! Girl, you need to break up with him. But I fear that he’ll try to fry you, too, for trying to leave him.”
  • “I have a very small pet snail… And I know a lot of people don’t see snails as pets. But they can be. And to think that he was able to ‘fry’ a living creature that he’d been keeping as a pet? He’s cruel. He could’ve set it free or something. His actions speak volumes about what kind of a person he is, especially when things aren’t going his way.”
  • “WTF?! He must be the type to burn bridges when things don’t work out. And… to people like him, breakups can be super triggering. So be careful when you tell him you want out. I’ve seen a lot of men lose their sh*t over breakups. It also should not matter whether or not the snail was considered an edible kind. Please think carefully and make a smart decision. And take care of yourself.”
  • “Well… It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he raised the snail with the purpose of cooking it. But that wasn’t the case, was it? He killed it out of spite, and that’s not normal.”
  • “And I bet he’d fry his wife, too, if he got into a fight with her. You should be thinking about how you’re going to escape that fate.”

Should the woman give her fiancé a chance to explain himself, or is the death of the pet snail more than enough reason to call off the engagement?

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