Korean Woman’s Most “Ridiculous” Breakup Over Mercedes Seats Goes Viral

Was she right to leave her ex?

On Blind, one of Korea’s online communities, a Korean woman shared the story of her most unthinkably “ridiculous” breakup with her now ex-boyfriend.

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The story began with the woman explaining that her ex-boyfriend was “particular” about certain things, like his Mercedes Benz—with “beige-colored seats,” purchased for around ₩100 million KRW (about $73,900 USD).

The woman’s post | Blind

[We Broke Up Over His Mercedes]

There’s something extreme about his character. It gets the worst over his car. Like, something gets on a part and he wants to rip it out and get it replaced.

— Woman

She said, knowing his borderline-obsessive affection for the car, that she, too, was “careful when I got to ride it.” The woman went the extra mile for the ex-boyfriend and his car, like not drinking beverages that could cause spills or not wearing denim that could stain the seats.

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One day, though, the woman had worn jeans because she had not planned to see her ex-boyfriend. She explained that she decided to take half a day off. The ex-boyfriend suggested they spend time together, so she agreed.

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Then she asked the ex to pick her up at her workplace, on his way over to her place. When she realized she was wearing denim, she offered to cover the seat with pieces of paper and sit on top of the paper.

When the ex turned down the offer, the woman expressed her disappointment. She canceled the date and told him that she was no longer in the mood to hang out. The ex tried to undo the damage, but it was too late. He had already told her that “even a single ride in denim would ruin his perfectly beige seats, if seen under the microscope.”

| Blind

He was going to come over to my place. I asked him if he could pick me up, mainly because my workplace was on the way. And it was a hot day. I had a lot of things I was trying to carry home. I asked him, ‘I did wear jeans today. But I’ll cover the seat with paper and sit on top of that. So can you please pick me up? I’ll change at home and then we can head back out.’ He said no. He said that I was being ridiculous because I would need a lot of paper to cover the areas that my denim would touch. That it would be over for him if I accidentally discolored his seat.

It made me really sad, so I canceled on him. And over the phone, I told him that I already feel way too stressed whenever I ride his car. Like, I was always extra careful whenever he’d give me a ride. I said that it would’ve been a ten minute ride, and it was hard for me to understand how he hated the paper idea so much.

— Woman

The story ended with the woman breaking up with the boyfriend after testing positive for COVID-19. She considered it a “breakup gift” from her ex who had COVID-19 the week prior. She added that the ex had since been begging her to talk; And she has been telling him to live happily ever after with his Mercedes.

| Blind

[KakaoTalk Messages]

Ex-Boyfriend: …I’m really sorry.

Woman: No wonder I felt so exhausted walking home.

Woman: I wish you and your beige seats all the best.

Woman: And please leave me out of it.

[Text Messages]

Ex-Boyfriend: Will you unblock me, please?

Woman: Nope. I actually hate myself for having offered to sit on paper. I don’t deserve to go through that for you.

The story went viral on Blind and other online communities like theqoo. Fellow Koreans congratulated the woman on “leaving the piece of sh*t boyfriend for all the new jeans she wants to wear.”

| theqoo
  • “His Mercedes and he can live happily ever after, then.”
  • “You know, whether it be a car or a bag or an outfit… If you have to literally bend over backwards to ‘keep it clean’ or whatever, you should not have bought it. Know your place.”
  • “I guess he can’t have everything. At least he still got the Mercedes. LMAO.”
  • “I know EXACTLY what this is because my younger brother does this, too… I don’t doubt for a second that this whole thing is a true story.”
  • “What if it rains or snows, though? What is he going to do with all the water that drips from his shoes and stuff? How is he going to keep his car from life happening? It’s ridiculous.”
  • “Such a horrible boyfriend.”
  • “It’s sad because him obsessing over his car only takes away from how cool the car actually is.”
  • “I understand that it’s a preference, but if your preference is set to that level of sensitivity… You deserve to be alone. LOL. Or get black seats. What else are you going to do, right?
Source: theqoo

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