Korean Woman Reveals The Latest Screenshots of Super Junior’s Leeteuk Sliding Into DMs… Again

“The DM-er Leeteuk struck again…”

Back in 2018, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk received mild criticism from Korean netizens for his attempt to “hit on” non-celebrity women using Instagram DMs. After taking the heat, it seemed like Leeteuk got his messaging needs under control…

… but on February 3, 2020, another Korean netizen shared a screenshot of the latest direct messages, allegedly received from Leeteuk’s verified Instagram account.

A post titled “Why Does Leeteuk Keep DM-ing? (Screenshot Included)” was shared online on February 3, 2020.

My friend is a model who has a nice car and is well off. She also runs a luxury car drivers club. She likes cars, so she has a lot of car-related posts on her Instagram. And the DM-er Leeteuk struck again.

— Anonymous Netizen

The OP claimed that he approached the female model friend with a message about their shared interest in cars.

Hello! You must be into cars. I look at a lot of cars too, so I came across yours. Remember to wear a mask out. Stay healthy!

— Leeteuk

When the model replied with a friendly demeanor, Leeteuk is said to have tried to carry on the conversation further…

Model: Thank you! Masks are a must!
Leeteuk: I’m waiting for the Porsche 992.
Leeteuk: What do you think about Porsches? I’ve heard good things about them, so I sold my old car and have been waiting for the past 6 months.
Model: I have a 718S and I’m happy with it! It’s nice.

… then, as shown in the screenshot, finally suggested that they “meet up to go driving around together.”

Leeteuk: When my car comes out, let’s go on a drive together.
Model: Okay, I’m in a club for people who like cars. If you’re interested, you can join us.
Leeteuk: You must really like driving. I live in Seongsu-dong.

The netizen who shared the screenshot commented, “It is obvious that he was trying to hook up with [my friend]. I feel sorry for Leeteuk’s fans.” After seeing the alleged screenshots, other netizens chimed in and commented that they “can’t handle the secondhand embarrassment.”

Though Korean netizens believe the messages are unlikely to have been edited or even his account hacked — in the past, international ELFs have argued that these DMs are fake and photoshopped. Meanwhile, Leeteuk is yet to respond to his latest “DM scandal”.

Source: THEQOO

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