Korean YouTuber Calls Actor Yoo Seung Ho An “Entitled Celebrity Who Stole His Cats”… And Fans Are Furious

“A psychopath gone mad for views…”

Back in September 2019, actor Yoo Seung Ho adopted two kittens, Gomi and Dori, from a relatively well-known cat rescue YouTuber gabsupasture of 500K+ subscribers — running the channel while studying to become a veterinarian.

Gomi and Dori have been adopted by the actor Yoo Seung Ho!

— YouTuber @gabsupasture

From the actor’s smitten Instagram posts about his newly added family members, Yoo Seung Ho’s fans knew the cats have found the right home. They praised gabsupasture for doing good work to save the cats, as well as the actor for adopting and not shopping.

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On May 7, 2020, however, an online exposé revealed that gabsupasture has been abusing animals to create more profit-making content on his YouTube channel.

This exposé, including shocking screenshots of the YouTuber’s KakaoTalk messages with his video editor and others, claimed that gabsupasture not only “sourced” his “rescue” cats from pet shops instead of actually rescuing, but also starved and neglected overall care for the animals before and after the video shoots.

YouTuber: I bought a hamster for the video and the cat bit the head off, it died.
Editor: Down the toilet it goes.
YouTuber: LOL.
YouTuber: I know it’s inhumane, but Gomi and Dori are working after I starved them.
YouTuber: They realized what I want, after I didn’t look into them for a day. I should start leaving them more often.
Editor: I see Noru is also working too.

With the ugly truth unveiled, gabsupasture subscribers turned their backs. Korean netizens became outraged by the animal cruelty from a vet-in-the-making. When the concern grew, Yoo Seung Ho responded in an Instagram post that the cats have been re-named — most likely to prevent further association with the YouTuber. He also begged, “Please stop trying to make money off of animals.”

I know a lot of you are worried, so I decided to share this. Simba and Gaeul are doing well. They have been re-named. Gomi is Simba and Dori is Gaeul. They’re eating well, pooping well, and sleeping well. Gaeul had peritonitis but it was treated. We don’t have enough time in this life to give the animals the amount of love they deserve. So please stop trying to make money off of them.

— Yoo Seung Ho

While his (ex-)subscribers remain extremely disappointed and angry with the YouTuber, further media investigation continued to reveal more details about gabsupasture. When it became evident that the YouTuber tried to “frame” Yoo Seung Ho as “taking the cats away” from him and the channel using the “influence as a celebrity“, it fueled an even fiercer criticism.

Channel A has accessed additional KakaoTalk chat logs between gabsupasture and his acquaintance. The YouTuber texted, ‘Yoo Seung Ho is stealing my family Gomi and Dori from me. He is an entitled celebrity who gets what he wants.‘ The YouTuber is said to have accused the actor of being forceful in the adoption process, after the actor turned down the suggestion to have the adoption on video and on the channel. The YouTuber’s acquaintance commented, ‘Gomi and Dori used to bring gabsupasture a lot of views, which means they made him money. So when Yoo Seung Ho didn’t want to give him and his channel the boost by allowing the adoption process turned into a video, gabsupasture got mad and started talking sh*t on the actor as being a bully.

— Channel A News

Since the controversy, gabsupasture tried posting a video in which he explained himself. When it did not convince the netizens, the YouTuber shut down the channel entirely — and has remained silent. Animal rights organizations have gotten the police involved, charging him for animal abuse and fraudulent rescue / fundraising activities.

Meanwhile, Korean netizens are defending Yoo Seung Ho for actually rescuing the two cats from gabsupasture.

  • “I wasn’t going to say anything about this whole mess, but honestly? This is way over the line now. Who does he think he is???”
  • “Yoo Seung Ho did nothing wrong. I can’t believe someone like him could potentially become a vet. I used to subscribe too, so I’m even more baffled.”
  • “This must be what the end looks like for a psychopath gone mad for views… How despicable. I’m speechless.”
  • “I mean if they were really family, why did he even put the cats up for adoption? Makes no sense anyway.”
  • “Gabsupasture is a monster bred by capitalism… Wow.”
  • “I hope Yoo Seung Ho doesn’t come across this article… I’d be heartbroken if I found out someone is going around saying such bullsh*t about me.”
  • “Ooooh okay, I see what happened. He wanted to rake in the views using Yoo Seung Ho’s name, but that failed. So he decided to go for defamation, huh? LAWSUIT.”
  • “Yoo Seung Ho is the one who rescued the cats from this monster. I can’t thank him enough for being a good guardian to Simba and Gaeul.”

Some have even reached out to gabsupasture’s enrolled college and disputed the YouTuber’s ineligibility to continue studying to become veterinarian.

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