Koreans Agree That This Is The One Movie Genre They Cannot Pull Off

Koreans aren’t into it.

Korea has some incredible movies. They have successfully mastered the art of historical film, horror movies, and romance. But Korean netizens agree that there is one movie genre that for some reason, they can’t pull off.

And that is the school life themed movies.

People note how Koreans usually excel in romance movies but for some reason, struggle to make good school life movies. People think it’s because it’s unrelatable to the audience, with most people going to school only to study, so seeing people falling in love is odd for most. The depiction of school life is just too different.

People also note that school films from Korea feel childish, with no deep feeling into them. Some note that it’s probably because the producers themselves haven’t been to school for a long time and probably aren’t sure how to portray school life.

Netizens do note, however, that school life dramas are usually a hit, with people commenting on how good Sky Castle is and how it’s become the representative school drama.

Source: TheQoo
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