Koreans Couldn’t Get Enough of IU’s Mystical Blue Hair Color

Fans didn’t see this coming.

IU performed at her 2019 IU Tour Concert Love, Poem in Gwangju, and one of the things that drew the most attention was a fan goods item that contained photos of IU.

The goods contain various photos of IU flaunting blue hair for the first time since her debut, and it trended in numerous online communities.

What makes the photos stand out is a combination of her mystical blue hair and the captivating facial expressions IU put on at the same time.

And in addition to the very unique hair color, IU also flaunted a pink and purple eyeshadow that took her new to a whole another level.

As if IU wasn’t stunning enough, she decided to catch all of her fans off guard with yet another unexpected transformation.

Check out some more photos of IU with blue hair below: