The K-Pop Backup Dancer Who’s So Popular, She Got Her Own Official Fancam

“She’s such a celebrity at this point.”

Fans of K-Pop’s earlier generations eagerly consumed music show performances, often waiting for their bias to appear on the screen. Current-day fans have the unique advantage of accessing official music show fancams for the best performance.

Individual fancams allow each K-Pop idol on stage to shine, regardless of how many lines they have or how many members are in a group. Official fancams from K-Pop music shows often earn as many views as the official performance as fans enjoy every angle of their bias’ performance.

SHINee‘s Taemin recently made his long-awaited solo comeback with his fourth solo mini-album, Guilty, on October 30

The SHINee maknae is known as the “idol’s idol,inspiring his fellow artists with his versatility and incredible dance style.


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♬ Guilty – TAEMIN

During his “Guilty” promotions, one of his talented dancers earned their own fancam, and many will recognize the star, who has captivated fans for years.

Popular dancer NOZE went viral after stunning netizens with her beauty and talent while performing as EXO Kai‘s backup dancer during his “Mmmh” promotions.


Her popularity sky-rocketed after she was able to showcase more of her talents on the dance competition show Street Woman Fighter in 2021.

After a brief hiatus, NOZE has returned to the spotlight and has once again stunned netizens with her visuals and dance talents, earning her own official dance fancams for her performance of Taemin’s “Guilty” on Show! Music Core and M! Countdown.

Netizens were happy to see the popular dancer back and better than ever and loved the return of her official fancams.

| M2/YouTube

NOZE isn’t the first K-Pop dancer to have her own official fancam. Check out more popular dancers in the article below!

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