These 7 Back-Up Dancers Are So Popular, They Got Their Own Fancams

Some dancers have more views than the idols do!

K-Pop dancers are gaining recognition among K-Pop fans now more than ever, especially with the launch of the competition show Street Woman Fighter where viewers can get to know some of the best dancers in the industry. One way to visibly see the rising popularity of Korean dancers is through the emergence of dancer fancams! Let’s take a look at 7 dancers who received their own fancams while performing on music shows.

1. Kwon Young Deuk (YGX)

One half of the Kwon Twins duo, Young Deuk (also referred to as Deukie) is a dancer at YG Entertainment‘s X Academy. Young Deuk often works with artists under that label. He worked with Lisa for her solo debut “LALISA” and his fancam for a performance with Rosé has over 1.7 million views!

2. Kwon Young Don (YGX)

The second half of the Kwon Twins duo, Young Don also has a fancam from his performance with Rosé! Fans of YG Entertainment artists stan the Kwon Twins almost as much as the idols themselves due to their incredible skills and hard work — it takes a lot to memorize dozens of different singers’ choreography!

3. Kim Ji Hyang (Freemind)

Kim Ji Hyang is a dancer under SUBLIME ARTIST AGENCY. She caught everyone’s attention as one of the back-up dancers for Baekhyun‘s single “Candy!” Her chemistry on-stage with Baekhyun made the dance even more special.

She recently got a fancam for her performance with HyunA and DAWN for their song “PING PONG!” The comments are full of people happy to see Kim Ji Hyang and other dancers start to get more exposure through fancams.

4. Emma (WANT)

Emma is a contestant on Street Woman Fighter that has totally caught audiences’ eyes! Her skills got her into the lead dancer position for one of the competition’s missions, and she’s definitely one dancer fans are rooting for. Her fancam for a performance of “PING PONG” has over 1.6 million views!


Lip J dances with the crew PROWDMON and is best known for her unbelievable waacking skills! She’s shown off her versatility and strength on Street Woman Fighter and is definitely a fan favorite. Lip J’s fancam for “Red Lipstick” by Lee Hi has over 417k views!

6. Monika (PROWDMON)

Monika is the leader of the PROWDMON crew that’s crushing it on Street Woman Fighter! She’s respected by all of her colleagues for her history as one of the best in the field, and her handsome good looks are the cherry on top. Monika’s fancam for Lee Hi’s “Red Lipstick” has over 1.2 million views — almost four times as many views as the official stage video itself!

7. Noze (WAYB)

A list of popular dancers with fancams wouldn’t be complete without WAYB’s Noze — even if none of her fancams are official! The dancer went viral last year as the “beautiful back-up dancer” from Kai‘s “Mmmh.” Fans loved her so much, they created fan-made focuses of her. This one has over 3 million views!

Audiences are ecstatic to see that dancers are starting to get the attention they deserve. The admiration fans have for these dancers totally shows in the high view counts these fancams receive! We can’t wait to see more dancer fancams in the future.