K-Pop Fans Divided Over BABYMONSTER’s Parents’ Social Media Posts

“That’s concerning on several levels.”

YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group, BABYMONSTER, has been making headlines long before their official debut. With most of the members being minors and four of them under the age of 16, netizens have expressed concerns about the girls’ young ages in the cutthroat K-Pop industry. Initially set mostly toward the company, the criticism has recently shifted towards the members’ parents as well, following their active presence on social media.

Fans have highlighted several updates the girls’ family members, mostly parents, have posted on social media, and many are now debating on whether it is a good thing for the soon-to-be idols.

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Chiquita, the youngest member of BABYMONSTER, born in 2009, has received significant support from her family on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. They frequently show their support by sharing updates and even recreating her solo dances on TikTok, aiming to make them go viral. Similarly, Haram‘s mother interacts with fans on Instagram, answering questions and providing updates about her daughter and the group. Pharita‘s mother as well has been actively showing support toward her daughter’s upcoming career as a YG Entertainment idol — she has even sent BLACKPINK‘s Lisa flowers to thank her for supporting Pharita.

This public support coming from the girls’ parents has eased some fans’ concerns, with some saying that knowing there are people “watching their every step and rooting for their success” means there’s “less to worry” about. However, not everything thinks that way.

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For some fans, these constant updates are considered even more worrying. Concerns have been raised about the parents providing too much information about their underage children to the public, potentially invading their privacy. Some netizens have even labeled the parents as “stage parents” or “dance moms,” referring to individuals who excessively involve themselves in their child’s entertainment career

  • “Have people forgotten what stage parents are?”
  • “Babymonster’s parents sound like classic stage parents. I still don’t like that they’re giving out so much information about their kids to fans though like I feel like they should be allowed some levels of privacy.”
  • “Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see parents getting involved in that kind of public way as a good thing. It gives dance mom vibes. Answering questions about your daughter on Instagram? Why is it good? As a mother, wouldn’t you want to keep your child’s privacy a little before they become a full-time celebrity?”
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Many are also concerned about the potential invasion of the members’ privacy and the development of parasocial relationships between fans and idols. They argue that the parents should take a more reserved approach, allowing the young idols to have a sense of normalcy and personal space. Fans have argued that the parents can show support without the need for extensive public involvement.

  • “That’s concerning on several levels.”
  • “Parents and families can be supportive of their kids without answering fans’ questions on social media and giving “information” about KIDS cus they are all minors with the exception of 1 member… a lot of idols have supportive families, and u don’t even see them or know them or even if they have social media they aren’t going around doing q&a about them.”
  • “How is it okay to answer questions about your own kid on social media to random people [whether] they are fans or not? A supportive parent can be while staying in the background and providing moral support, don’t need to feed in parasocial relationships already to fans about their kids, which might not necessarily be something idols want people closest to them to put out there.”
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As BABYMONSTER prepares for their debut, bound to happen soon, only time will tell how the members and their parents will respond to the ongoing discussions and whether any adjustments will be made to address the concerns of the divided fanbase.

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