K-Pop Fans Are Searching For The Name Of A Handsome Korean Soccer Player, But There’s One Problem

“I need to know.”

Many Korean soccer players have captured the attention of international netizens for their skills on the field, their behavior toward fans, and their handsome visuals.

South Korea’s national football team stole the hearts of fans worldwide after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 during which they brought pride to Korea when they advanced to the World Cup knockout stages.

During the World Cup, multiple players from Korea’s national football team caught the eyes of K-Pop fans around the world.

Recently, a TikTok was posted by a K-Pop fan who was asking fellow netizens for help identifying a handsome Korean soccer player, and the video gained over 47,000 likes and 241,300 views in less than a day.

| @mychrisp/TikTok 

Comments on the TikTok video immediately began drawing comparisons to K-Pop idols, such as ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, SEVENTEEN‘s DK, and THE BOYZ‘s Hyunjae.

One netizen successfully identified the handsome “player” as Kim Yosh, who had a TikTok account of his own where he displayed his many athletic talents.

Although he was correctly identified, there was one problem… Kim Yosh, who currently has over 38,000 followers on TikTok (@kimyosh8), is a Korea and LA-based “AI boyfriend.”

Netizens hilariously cursed how eerily realistic AI has become, though many caught on when looking at the warped logos on his jersey.

This wasn’t the only time an AI model had K-Pop fans doing a double-take.

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