The K-Pop Girl Group That Spent $80,000 On Plastic Surgery

Netizens have conflicting opinions about plastic surgery, which is precisely why this group spent so much.

Despite being an incredibly talented group, due to factors outside of their control, like their company’s lack of money and a continually changing line-up of members, the K-Pop girl group Six Bomb was forced to rely on controversial marketing to achieve success.

Six Bomb’s initial line-up

Although the group found multiple ways to reach headlines with their controversial concepts that ranged from “sausage suits” to “Japanese porn,” the group’s most contentious comeback glorified plastic surgery.

To start promoting the comeback, Six Bomb released “Getting Pretty Before,” which quickly gained attention from the media. As the title implies, the music video featured the members of Six Bomb getting facials and then attending a plastic surgery clinic, showing the “before” of their transformations.

Six Bomb’s “Getting Pretty Before” | k/YouTube
| k/YouTube
| k/YouTube
To further tease their other upcoming release, Pace Maker Entertainment revealed that the group had spent ₩100 million KRW (about $80,800 USD) on plastic surgery for all four members.

100 million won was spent on plastic surgery. But Soa, Gabin, and Dain combined  used 95 million of that. We got surgeries all over our upper bodies.

— Six Bomb

While Soa, Gabin, and Dain had the majority of the work done, Seulbi only had work done on her nose.

I only got my nose done. I had to get a little bit done to look good. Ever since I was a child, my dream was to become a singer but I was on track to not be able to achieve that dream until I was able to join Six Bomb.

— Seulbi

Reportedly all four members willingly consented to the surgeries with their parent’s approval.

Six Bomb’s “Getting Pretty After” | k/YouTube
Even the teaser images showcased the members’ faces wrapped in bandages, so netizens were left curious about what the members might look like after such expensive procedures.

However, when Six Bomb released the song “Getting Pretty After,” netizens were pretty confused.

Although the members did look beautiful in their Kim Yuna-inspired outfits…

Kim Yuna wore this dazzling blue dress at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
Six Bomb used Kim Yuna’s outfit as inspiration for their comeback outfit

Netizens weren’t sure where all the money had gone since they believed the members barely had noticeable differences.

Soa in “Getting Pretty After” | k/YouTube 
Dain in “Getting Pretty After” | k/YouTube 
Gabin in “Getting Pretty After” | k/YouTube 
Seulbi in “Getting Pretty After” | k/YouTube 
A before and after comparison that left netizens confused

It is worth noting that typically plastic surgery is supposed to look natural, so a more expensive treatment might not show apparent differences. But because Six Bomb relied so heavily on controversial marketing, and their last blown-up comeback, “Wait 10 Years Baby,” had purposely put the members in ugly styling, netizens generally felt dissatisfied by the results.

| @sixbomb/Twitter

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You can watch “Getting Pretty Before” here.

You can watch “Getting Pretty After” here.