A K-Pop Group Got Kicked Out Of McDonald’s Not Once…But Twice

Here’s the full (hilariously embarrassing) story.

Few people can say they were kicked out of a fast food chain, but STARSHIP Entertainment boy group MONSTA X can!

This happened early in their career when they were filming their reality show MONSTA X: Right Now (2016) in Hong Kong. They faced an embarrassment unlike anything they had experienced before in Episode 4, and it was all because of GOT7‘s Jackson.

MONSTA X in 2016

The Hong Kong native gave each of them missions that they had to complete as a group. The one they dreaded the most was eating at McDonald‘s—that is, eating the food that they bought elsewhere inside the store.

Buy food from other places then eat them inside McDonald’s.

— Jackson

1. Attempt 1

The group began the mission feeling confident thanks to their strength in numbers. Their attention was quickly diverted to their lunch order, picking individual meals from a Pepper Lunch stand at the food court.

Their confidence, however, faltered as soon as they made their way towards McDonald’s. Rapper Joohoney couldn’t help but sulk, saying, “Jackson, you’re so mean…”

He began to seriously second-guess himself when he stood in front of the restaurant in question.

Are you sure I can do this?

— Joohoney

Without wasting another second, he entered the busy establishment and found a place to eat the food that he bought outside.

The other members joined him soon afterwards. Minhyuk bemoaned the fact that they chose a dish that was highly noticeable: “This smells so strong.”

It was only a matter of time before someone noticed them trespassing. Not only was MONSTA X a large group of seven, they each brought their own sizzling hot plates of food which let out smoke. The plates and utensils they used also did not look anything close to McDonald’s own cutlery.

Unsurprisingly, the employees soon approached them and asked them to leave.

You cannot have food from outside here.

— McDonald’s Staff Member

The boy group acknowledged their mistake and quickly gathered their trays. They bowed down to the staff on their way out, apologizing for intruding.

I am so sorry.

— Joohoney

Though the members are K-Pop idols who live in the public eye, this situation embarrassed them like no other. They blushed when they exited the restaurant while still holding onto their half-finished food.

2. Attempt 2

Unfortunately for them, they had to redo the mission later that day by a stroke of bad luck. They went back to the exact same mall to infiltrate the same branch as before.

With the embarrassment of the morning still being fresh, they devised a game plan to be more successful this time around. Maknae I.M was tasked with buying something from the McDonald’s counter while the rest of them ate the food they purchased outside.

While one is a decoy to disperse attention, others should go in as a group.

— Wonho

As if it were fate, the first empty table they found was the same place where they ate earlier. They dug in right away, feeling good about having chosen toasted bread this time instead of the eye-catching sizzling food from earlier.

The game plan, however, did not succeed in the end. A staff member asked them to leave before I.M could come back with his order proving they were paying customers.

The members once again picked up their trays and made a walk of shame out the door.

Thus, MONSTA X was kicked out of McDonald’s twice—all in the same day and in the same branch.

I’m dying of embarrassment.

— Wonho

They offered a formal apology to the managers and fans of the fast food chain after relocating to the food court. At the very least, they were happy with their food!

We’re really sorry to the manager and those who are interested in McDonald’s.

— Minhyuk

Check out the full hilarious video below!

Source: YouTube


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