K-Pop Idol With 4th Most Songwriting Credits Hints At How Much He Earns

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DAY6‘s Young K recently guested on the MBC‘s Radio Star where he joked around, showed off his singing skills, and answered interview questions.

DAY6’s Young K

Regarding the latter, he talked about having the fourth most songwriting credits among K-Pop idols. Besides being a composer and lyricist for his own group, he also successfully writes songs for others.

I also write for other artists. Based on the numbers, I wrote the fourth most copyrighted idol songs.

 Young K

Some of his most famous title credits include Queendom Puzzle‘s “PUZZLIN,” GOT7‘s “Beggin On My Knees,” and H1-Key‘s “Rose Blossom.”

With the sheer number of songs he is officially credited for, it wasn’t a surprise that the interviewers asked him, “About how much do you make from that?”

Instead of answering in a direct manner, Young K first explained how he manages his income. His father, an employee in the finance sector, is the one who keeps an eye on his income.

My father has always asked me if I’d get allowance or manage my own money, ever since I debuted. He said he would manage it for me if I choose to get allowances. So I asked him to manage my income.

 Young K

Whenever his son is performing less desirably, he says so outright.

My father gave feedback too. When the income was low before, he told me to work a little harder or to find another way.

Young K

At 30 years old this 2024, Young K has earned enough that he is considered wealthy compared to others his age. The average Korean man aged 30-39 years old earns around $2,900 USD each month, and so he earns much more in comparison.

When I was doing pretty well, he told me that I’m doing well compared to my peers. Starting from this year, he said, ‘You’ve really made a difference. Let’s try a bit harder.’

 Young K

Check out the full video below to learn more about Young K.

Source: YouTube and Statista


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