Netizens Praise An Entertainment Company’s Focus On Their Artists’ Health

“Every other label needs to be taking notes.”

K-Pop fans regularly voice their concerns for their idols’ health. Whether they’re concerned about their physical or mental health, fans always hope their idols are resting and taking care of themselves.

Industry insiders recently opened up about how agencies care for their idols’ health.

Recently, there has been a rise in management agencies that make artists do health checks once a year and also provide education so that their artists can take care of their mental health. Agencies are doing their best to provide comfort for their artists.

— Industry Insider

Although the insiders report that agencies generally care for their idols’ well-being, some idols focus on getting as close to perfection as possible, which can occasionally cause them to neglect their health.

Each artist does their best to do more, and because of this, I believe that [artists] are having less time [to sleep]. Agencies do their best to provide artists enough time to rest.

— Industry Insider

Recently, one clip of Dreamcatcher‘s world tour is gaining netizens’ attention, as netizens praise how Dreamcatcher Company is caring for their idols’ health.

Dreamcatcher | @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

In the behind-the-scenes clip, Yoohyeon shows fans that her drink is made by their “health trainer” and includes amino acids.

Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

The goal of the drink is to make the members “less tired” despite their busy concert schedules and physically taxing performances.

| Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

So their health trainer has the members drink it before every concert.

| Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

Yoohyeon even compliments the green apple flavoring of her drink.

| Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

And even when the members of Dreamcatcher find the flavor less than pleasant, their health trainer still encourages them to finish the drink.

Dreamcatcher’s Handong | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 
Dreamcatcher JiU’s comments | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

Although netizens believe that having a health trainer like this, ensuring Dreamcatchers are consuming enough nutrients to perform at their top condition should be the “bare minimum…”

They are still extremely grateful to see a company ensuring its artists are well cared for.

And are pointing out that even though Dreamcatcher is part of a smaller company, the company still prioritizes their artists’ health.

Many netizens hope other entertainment companies learn from Dreamcatcher Company’s example.

Hopefully this kind of care can eventually be considered the “bare minimum” for companies ensuring the health of their idols.

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Source: Dreamcatcher official


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