This Moment Captures The Drastic Difference Between Korean Idols And Actors

They couldn’t be more opposite!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is known for his pretty-boy visuals, and he once proved just how ethereal idols can be when photographed next to some actors.

During the 2018 Asian Artist Awards, Jeonghan was photographed in the audience. His picturesque and stunning visuals are apparent even from far away.

However, when zoomed out, he was actually sitting between actors Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo. The stark difference between an idol’s aura and an actor’s aura is striking.

Aside from an age gap, there’s a noticeable difference in the vibes of each person. Idols tend to be soft and pretty while actors have a more masculine and mature vibe.

It all comes down to preference for what vibe you may prefer. Netizens compare both auras without picking one or the other.

  • “I fangirl on both actors and idols and ah.. I really like this picture… I feel like you can see both vibes perfectly in one picture”
  • “Their images are really different.. Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo look like they were drawn with a pencil while Jeonghan looks like he was painted in oil paint with pastel colors”
| AsianWiki

However, both are undeniably stunning in their own ways!