Where Are They Now? K-Pop’s Shortest Girl Group That’s Been On Hiatus For 9 Years

The three members have been busy.

K-Pop groups often emphasize what makes them stand out to capture the public’s attention. For one girl group, it was their height. While Star Empire Entertainment‘s 9MUSES became the tallest girl group in K-Pop—thanks to their backgrounds as models—another group came along in 2012 for being the exact opposite.

Girl’s Generation standing next to 9MUSES.

GNG Production debuted the girl group TINY-G with the four members Dohee, Mint, J.Min, and Myungji. Living up to their name, the group’s average height was only 153 cm (5 ft).

Myungji, Mint, J.Min, and Dohee. | @Real_Tiny_G/Twitter

Mint was the shortest at 150 cm (4.9 ft); Myungji was the tallest at 160 cm (5.2 ft). They looked even smaller when they stood next to 9MUSES and the giant kickboxer Choi Hong Man. Sadly, the group of tiny idols didn’t last long.

TINY-G standing in front of 9MUSES. | @Real_Tiny_G/Twitter
J.Min and Dohee with Choi Hong Man. | @Real_Tiny_G/Twitter

Myungji left the group to become a full-time actor in 2014. After becoming a trio, Dohee made her acting debut in Reply 1994. In 2015, TINY-G’s company denied reports of the group disbanding and clarified they were on an indefinite hiatus. However, the group hasn’t made a comeback in nine years. That doesn’t mean the members haven’t been busy.

| @Real_Tiny_G/Twitter

Min Do Hee has continued her career as an actress, starring in K-Dramas like Gangnam Beauty and Rookie Cops.

Min Do Hee | @mdh0925_/Instagram

The group’s Thai member now promotes under her full name, Minnt Wwaranluckk Phonpawiworaqul. She co-founded the company M.FLOW Entertainment, which has produced numerous Thai BL series like Ai Long Nhai and Coffee Melody.

Minnt Wwaranluckk Phonpawiworaqul | @minntwwaranluckk/Instagram

J.Min is the only member who has kept her focus on singing. She recently debuted as the soloist Soopia under OUI Entertainment.

Soopia | @OUI_ent/Twitter

TINY-G hasn’t promoted together in nine years but didn’t give up on their friendship. Min Do Hee traveled to Thailand in 2023 and reunited with Minnt.

| @mdh0925_/Instagram
| @mdh0925_/Instagram

Where Are They Now?