Kwon Eun Bi Spills On How She Feels About An IZ*ONE Reunion

A previous attempt by fans to get a group reunion failed.

While promoting her newest release, Singer Kwon Eun Bi (also spelled Kwon Eunbi) dished how she feels about a potential IZ*ONE reunion.

Kwon Eun Bi | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Kwon Eun Bi has been impressing fans with her new album, Lethality, and its lead track, “Underwater”. This is the singer’s third solo album since she made her solo debut!

While promoting her new album, the singer appeared on The K Star Next Door hosted by entertainer Jonathan.

The two spoke on a few different topics including how Lee Eun Bi’s former groupmate, Lee Chaeyeon, reacted to their albums being released on the same day and her famously feeding her fans fried chicken during Idol Star Athletic Championships recording earlier this year.

She also answered many questions about IZ*ONE like how the other former members handle being the leaders of their own new groups and how it made her feel to see them.

When asked whether or not she liked promoting as a team versus promoting solo, she very easily answered that she actually prefers promoting in a group!

Jonathan then asked if there were any plans for a unit comeback and Kwon Eun Bi gave her honest feelings on the matter. It seems like Girls’ Generation’s recent all-member comeback was a bit of inspiration to her, saying that “it’s best with everyone to gather together.


She finally gives her feelings about the group having a reunion.

If we get the chance, and everyone’s okay with it, it’ll look incredible!

— Kwon Eun Bi

She then hilariously offers Jonathan a chance to join the group, which he humbly rejects.

It seems like Kwon Eun Bi would love for an IZ*ONE reunion to happen and that there’s always hope there will be one in the future!


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