Lady Gaga May Have Hinted At “Sour Candy” MV With BLACKPINK

Fans were quick to notice the odd way she responded to the idea.

With Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK‘s collaboration “Sour Candy” days away from finally being heard by everyone who’s been patiently waiting, there’s something else fans have been wondering about.

Following the release of the epic music video for the fellow Chromatica song “Rain On Me” featuring Ariana Grande, fans are getting eager than ever to know if there will be one for “Sour Candy”.

In an interview with Japan’s tvgroove, Lady Gaga may have given everyone a bit of a hint about its status.

Although everyone was interested in how the collaboration between the two artists came about, the outlet also asked Lady Gaga if there would be a music video for the song.

Lady Gaga Reveals How And Why She Asked BLACKPINK To Collaborate For “Sour Candy”

It’s not what Lady Gaga said in response to the question that caught fans’ interest; it was what she didn’t do. She answered all of the other questions regarding BLACKPINK while avoiding the one about a music video for “Sour Candy”.

That didn’t go unnoticed. Lady Gaga’s dodging of the question was a hint to fans that she and BLACKPINK are currently working on filming one for the song or have already finished it. That would explain the secrecy.

After all, if there wasn’t any intention of filming one, Lady Gaga could’ve easily denied the claim. Since there have been no official announcements for or against a “Sour Candy” music video, everyone will just have to wait and see what they’re planning.

How could they pass up the chance to have Lady Gaga’s amazing dancing paired with the skills of BLACKPINK’s?

Source: tvgroove