From Lap Dances To Kisses — BIBI’s Wildest Fanservice Moments Ever

The master of creating “Y/n” moments!

Apart from being a stellar singer and songwriter, BIBI is also known for her free-spirited nature. Despite being closely associated with K-Pop through her music, what she brings on stage is quite different from the usual K-Pop mold. Her wild fanservice is one such element that sets BIBI apart from the idol world.

BIBI | @nakedbibi/Instagram

Here are five times BIBI went over and above with her fanservice:

When she blessed a fan’s cell phone with her selfie video.

Last year, BIBI went viral for gifting a fan with a self-taken video of her. The singer was performing her track “Best Lover” at the Cry Ground Hiphop Concert in May. She picked a fan’s cell phone from the audience mid-performance and filmed herself singing the song on stage before returning it to the owner. Netizens immediately burst into envy toward the lucky fan while praising the singer’s next-level fanservice.

A group hug from the stage!

This year in March, another clip of BIBI’s incomparable fanservice went viral on social media. During one of her songs, the singers walked up o audience at the front, and gave a big hug to a group of fans at once. One of those lucky fans who got to hug BIBI, posted the clip saying that even though they almost got hit in the face when the singer came in for the hug, it was the best experience!

Free condoms!

In 2021, BIBI performed at the Head In The Clouds music festival, and her performance of “Cigarette and Condom” left fans speechless. During the performance, the singer threw out a basket’s worth of condoms to the audience after asking them if they had any intentions of having sex later that night!

Million-dollar lap dance

At Korea University’s 2022 KUrescendo Festival, BIBI made fans go crazy after she picked out a volunteer from the crowd and gave him a lap dance while performing her song, ”Best Lover.” The fanfiction-like performance ended with the singer planting a kiss on the guy’s cheek.

While performing the same song at Anyang University‘s WE ARE ONE Festival, she brought a female fan on stage and gave her a lap dance as well, finishing it off with a back hug.

When she shared kisses with fans!

During her set at the Head In The Clouds music festival in 2021, BIBI went viral after she hopped off the stage while pointing at a fan in the crowd, walked up to her, and planted a kiss on her lips.

The incident had other fans wishing for similar luck, and it seems like one of them got their prayers answered this year. At the 2023 WATERBOMB music festival, the singer kissed another fan, that too, from the stage.