What LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Does In The Bathroom Before Bed That Makes A Huge Difference To Her

Have you ever done this before?

LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where she talked about being offered the leadership position in the group, what she feels about receiving criticism, and why she’s thankful for her fans, among other topics.


Aside from that, the interviewer also discussed the part in the “UNFORGIVEN” choreography where she crawls on the floor.

According to the former IZ*ONE member, she hopes that viewers will pay attention to that part because it’s where she attempts to show how she keeps moving forward—even if she has to crawl while doing so. She explained that the dance highlights their facial expressions a lot, so she worked hard to perfect them.

I agree. (laughs) I hope people pay attention to that part where I crawl. I was trying to show on my face how, even if I was too weak to walk after a huge adversity, I would keep moving forward even if it meant crawling all the way. The choreography really highlights our facial expressions so we worked extra hard on getting them right. It would’ve looked awkward and weird if it was even a little off (laughs) so I put a lot of thought and time into perfecting it.

— Chaewon

On that note, she revealed her trick to getting all her expressions right. Right before bed, she heads to her bathroom and practices in front of a mirror. It’s made a huge difference in her performances!

She personally finds it awkward to do it in the practice room with her members watching and coaching her, so this is the method that works best for her.

First I try to understand the lyrics fully and then look for facial expressions that are fitting. For me, I like going to the bathroom before bed and practicing in the mirror with the music on rather than doing it in the practice room. It works really well. I get inspired there, I guess. (laughs) It would be too embarrassing to have members watch and coach each other(laughs), not to mention everybody does it well on their own.

— Chaewon

Seeing how Chaewon commands the stage every time she performs, practicing her facial expressions in the bathroom before bed must be effective!

Meanwhile, check out what fellow member Kazuha had to say about the floor move in the article below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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