LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Is Earning Praise For Being The “Perfect Maknae,” And These Moments Make Us Understand Why

Is she your bias?

LE SSERAFIM recently returned to the music scene with their first ever comeback ANTIFRAGILE. They received positive comments left and right from their passion on stage to their expertise in dancing.

Another topic that is making the rounds online is the member composition of LE SSERAFIM. Eunchae, for instance, is gaining widespread attention this comeback for her contribution to the group. In fact, one of her nicknames is “Manchae” which is a portmanteau of “maknae” and “Eunchae.”

Eunchae | HYBE

It has been noted that she’s “influencing the team’s atmosphere positively” because of how “bright and confident” she is. Not only is she talented, she also reels in fans with a natural, not forced, aegyo.

Some of the types of praise she receives are how she’s the “epitome of brightness,” “too cute,” and a “precious maknae.”

This does not come as a surprise for fans of Eunchae. Her appearance, for one, is a breath of fresh air—with her new bangs and pigtails hairstyle, she looks like she jumped straight out of a high school comic book.

Her personality is also well-loved! Her bubbliness is seen in small ways, such as when she jokingly broke off the heart that Kazuha and Yunjin made.

She also had a popular gif that was shared by fans that showed her falling off the kind of toy horse that is commonly found in playgrounds.

In another iconic scene, she had the cutest smile when jumping up and down a trampoline.

Finally, it’s obvious that the older members all love Eunchae!

Since there is a considerable age gap among the members, they treat her like their precious baby. Born in November 2006, she is only 16 years old, eight years younger than eldest member Sakura.

The photo of them smiling sweetly while watching her jump in their fansign was enough proof of this.

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