LE SSERAFIM Spill On What Changed Between Their First “FEARLESS” Stages And Their Last

They all started to be more cheerful on stage.

LE SSERAFIM captivated fans with their debut title track, “FEARLESS,” and seemingly endless energy as they gave their all to their performances.

LE SSERAFIM at their debut showcase | @le_sserafim/Twitter

Even though during their promotions, they had to switch from performing with six members to five, with Garam taking a hiatus because of bullying allegations, the other five members impressed fans with their professionalism during all of their stages.

LE SSERAFIM at their last Inkigayo stage | @le_sserafim/Twitter

And in a recent behind-the-scenes vlog of some of their last performances, LE SSERAFIM addressed how different their first and last performances were.

| @le_sserafim/Twitter

For Chaewon, the main difference was her ability to improve her performance over time as she became more confident.

Chaewon: I remember our first M Countdown. I was so nervous and made lots of mistakes, but now everything comes naturally.

Chaewon | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube 

Kazuha felt that she was finally starting to enjoy the stage towards the end of their promotions.

Kazuha: The difference… The first week was so hectic. It was our first music show so I just wanted to do a great job. But now on our fifth week I’m able to enjoy the stage.

Kazuha | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube 

Eunchae believed that her skills were what changed the most between their first and last performances.

Eunchae: My skills and know-how. I learned to look at the camera better. And [now] I’m so familiar with the choreography I can do it with my eyes closed.

Eunchae | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube 

But the most significant change that the members agree on is how cheerful they became the longer promotions went on. Which, Chaewon and Yunjin explain is because when they started promoting, their fans weren’t watching, but as their promotions continued, they finally got to start to perform for their fans.

Chaewon: We used to glare and look down when we first performed “FEARLESS” but we’re getting more cheerful every time. It’s all because of our fans! Because of our fans’ cheers!

Yunjin: We can’t help it.

Chaewon: We end up smiling. Our performance is getting cheerful. It’s becoming a cheerful “FEARLESS.”

Yunjin: If you think about it we performed on our first music show exactly one month ago.

Chaewon: We did. One month! Wow.

Yunjin: It’s already been five weeks? I can’t believe so much time has passed. When we did our first M Countdown performance our fans weren’t there. I think that’s why we were so nervous.

Yunjin and Chaewon | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube 

Fans can look forward to what LE SSERAFIM brings to their first comeback.

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