LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s Unbelievable Visuals While Covering EXO’s “Love Shot” Leaves Netizens Speechless

LE SSERAFIM needs to do a girl crush concept ASAP.

LE SSERAFIM gave their fans, dubbed FEARNOT, many different performances to enjoy while they were onstage at KCON 2022 in Japan. They sang “Fearless,” “Blue Flame,” and a snippet of “The World Is My Oyster” from their debut mini-album Fearless, and “Good Parts (When the Quality Is Bad but I Am)” from their upcoming mini-album Antifragile.

LE SSERAFIM performing their single “Fearless” | KCON official/YouTube 

They also covered EXO‘s “Love Shot,” which allowed fans to see the members in a “girl crush” concept.

LE SSERAFIM performing EXO’s “Love Shot” | KCON official/YouTube

Their performance went viral, and the whole group was praised for their beauty, vocals, and dance skills, but Kazuha gained special attention from netizens for her unreal visuals.

She wore a killer red suit with a cropped top that highlighted her well-defined abs.

Many fancams (videos taken by fans usually focusing on a particular group member) of Kazuha were shared online, with captions praising her looks and performance abilities.

Netizens were obsessed with the song’s choreography right before the final chorus, where each member matched their body wave to each beat.

Kazuha’s fancam reached over 1,000,000 views in 24 hours on Twitter.

Many fans also edited videos to pay tribute to their iconic performance.

FEARNOT are now even more hyped to watch and listen to LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming single, “ANTIFRAGILE,” scheduled to be released on October 17, 2022.


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