Fans Love ITZY Ryujin’s Reaction To LE SSERAFIM’s Win For “ANTIFRAGILE” On MBC’s “Music Core”

Queens supporting queens.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha continually goes viral for her impressive stage presence and captivating performances.


Since choosing to debut as a K-Pop idol and leaving behind her training to become a professional ballerina, Kazuha has had to work tirelessly to learn new skills. A Source Music director has even spoken about how Kazuha even had to overcome a hurdle in dance, as while she’s well-practiced in ballet, K-Pop dancing is incredibly different. Still, Kazuha’s passion and hard-work has payed off as the idol continues to stun fans with her talent.

| Source Music

But even though Kazuha left the world of ballet behind, the idol still uses her past by referencing it in lyrics or using her insane flexibility in LE SSERAFIM’s choreographies.

Kazuha in “Blue Flame” | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

Her leg kick in “ANTIFRAGILE” especially went viral for the amount of core strength and flexibility required to pull off the move.


Despite the difficulty, K-Pop fans had fun trying to replicate the choreography. Many K-Pop cover dance teams even created a “guess our Kazuha” challenge where the dancers covering LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE” would all try Kazuha’s iconic move, letting viewers guess who was taking Kazuha’s role in the cover.

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Now fans are endeared by the latest idol to try the viral move, talented performer ITZY‘s Ryujin.

ITZY’s Ryujin |

On the weekly MBC‘s Music Core broadcast, LE SSERAFIM took home their seventh win for “ANTIFRAGILE.” Although LE SSERAFIM weren’t at the broadcast, idols who were there had fun dancing along to the hit song.

But one idol stood out from the rest as Ryujin boldly tried Kazuha’s viral move. Fans loved Ryujin’s way of enjoying the song, especially since so many K-Pop fans can’t help but relate as they’ve tried it themselves.

Hopefully fans will get to see some future interactions between the two immensely talented groups.

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