LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Was Given A Part In “ANTIFRAGILE” That Was Challenging For A Former Ballerina—A Source Music Director Explains Why

She didn’t have an easy time.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha has one of the most unique background stories in K-Pop. A skilled ballerina who trained in the Netherlands, she dedicated her entire life to becoming a professional ballerina. Instead, she suddenly changed paths and debuted in HYBE‘s and Source Music‘s new girl group in a completely foreign country.

Kazuha | Source Music

She faced a number of difficulties such as the expected language barrier and pressure to make her vocals better.

Kazuha in vocal training pre-debut | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, a key employee from Source Music delved deeper into the challenges that Kazuha faced behind the scenes. Performance Directing Team head Park So Yeon revealed that she had a surprising hurdle before her that most people would not expect—dancing.

Park So Yeon | @soyeon__amy/Instagram

Though the Japanese member was no stranger to moving her body for hours everyday since childhood, the type of dancing she had to learn was vastly different from what she was used to. A mix of hip hop, jazz, krumping, and several other dances became her new norm, and they were much more casual and lively than the elegance she was expected to embody as a ballerina.

The straight lines of ballet movements are built into her after 15 years of doing them, and it must’ve been really hard for her to break out of all of them at once.

— Park So Yeon

Kazuha’s experience with ballet became a cause for concern rather than an edge. Since it was her first time attempting this type of choreography, her training period of only a few months before debut became even more stressful.

Kazuha had a relatively short trainee period and her debut with LE SSERAFIM was her first time trying K-pop choreography.

— Park So Yeon

After acing the “FEARLESS” dance, she faced an even bigger problem in the form of the “ANTIFRAGILE” dance. It was more complicated than the previous performances that she did. It was because of this reason that the Source Music director challenged her to take on a specific part in the song that would have typically been difficult for ballerinas.

Kazuha, with her beautiful and elegant ballet image [should shout] ‘I’ll climb higher,’ as she moves forward to excite the audience.

— Park So Yeon

Unsurprisingly, she exceeded expectations and was said to have “practiced tirelessly and pulled it off flawlessly.”

Check out some examples of her acing K-Pop dances below.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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