LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Quit Ballet To Become A K-Pop Idol, And She Doesn’t Regret It Because Of One Reason

It was a big decision!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha is a clear example of someone whose life changed completely with one decision. Unlike most K-Pop idols, she did not dream of becoming a singer while growing up. Rather, she trained in classical ballet since she was three years old and was even scouted while she was a professional ballerina in the Dutch National Ballet Academy in the Netherlands.

She gave up this career path that she’s been chasing her whole life for the chance to become a K-Pop idol.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Kazuha shared that she does not regret her decision. This is because there is something that keeps her motivated: her fans.

This became even more apparent to her when the group performed at Yonsei University last September for their annual festival, an invitation that usually only the most recognized artists received.

It was my first time performing so close to an audience. I felt like I was dreaming.

— Kazuha

It was LE SSERAFIM’s first time to be performing in front of such a large and animated crowd. The engagement of the students was a hallmark experience that Kazuha was greatly looking forward to.

I didn’t know I give that much fan service because it was my first time performing at a university festival. When we were singing ‘Sour Grapes,’ the audience turned the flashes on on their phones and I thought, ‘It’s finally happening to me!’ I couldn’t believe it. I was seriously overwhelmed that so many people were there to see our performance.

— Kazuha

The atmosphere was unlike anything they had ever experienced as a rookie group. For the Japanese ballerina-turned-idol, it was the very reason why she chose to change her life by joining HYBE‘s and Source Music‘s new girl group. Her love of the stage and of putting on a worthy performance was worth the life-changing risk.

Yes [the crowd is why I became a K-Pop idol]. It was the exact same when I did ballet. I like the whole atmosphere of the place when the audience likes the show and they’re having a good time.

— Kazuha

It was a dream come true for her. According to Kazuha, her fans are the reason she can “focus more” and be a better artist.

Being on stage is honestly just like a dream, and I’m so excited when I get to go out there and perform in front of a live audience. I think that’s the reason I’m able to focus more on stage than when I’m practicing.

— Kazuha

Check out their full performance below!

Source: Weverse Magazine


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