LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Might Stop Showing Off Her Ballet Skills In The Future—But She’s Not Upset About It

Here’s why.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha is likely the first K-Pop idol that comes to mind when someone mentions ballet.

As someone who took it up ever since she was a child and was even studying in the Royal Dutch Ballet before being scouted by Source Music, she was one of the best ballerinas in her age group.

She still shows snippets of her ballet roots in her current performances as a K-Pop idol. From her introductory video…

…to raising her leg in “Blue Flame” and “ANTIFRAGILE”…

…and to having a short solo scene in award shows, she keeps reminding viewers of her credentials.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, she discussed her ballet experience and expectations in greater detail, saying that she is proud to be able to show off her talents.

It’s such an honor to be able to show off what I’m capable of. I talk a lot with the performance director to try and figure out which moves would be best and I’m working hard to try a lot of different approaches so I can do those moves in my own way.

— Kazuha

She revealed that she may eventually stop doing ballet in various performances. Both she and the staff that she works with agree that there is a time limit to her exclusive ballet performances on stage.

I think now’s the time I can show off choreography that incorporates ballet, and even the performance director said, ‘Let’s show them all your moves whenever you’re able to.’ At first we were including ballet moves just to show that I had done ballet before, but I can’t keep doing ballet moves exclusively since I actually stopped doing ballet.

— Kazuha

This is no surprise considering that she no longer practices ballet day in and day out. Her skills as a ballerina can’t help but rust due to the lack of strenuous training that she did almost her entire life.

Despite the prospect of possibly losing her hard-earned skills, Kazuha keeps a positive mindset at all times. She holds firm that it is the future that matters the most: “I think it’s what’s to come that’s important.”

Moving forward, Kazuha plans on improving her dancing in a variety of styles so that she can “feel confident” no matter what.

I want to keep improving myself so that I can feel confident when I dance, even without ballet, and put on more variety-filled performances moving forward.

— Kazuha

Source: Weverse Magazine


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