LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Can’t Wear Contact Lenses For The Life Of Her, Here’s Why

Not that she isn’t trying!

One thing that many people seem to struggle with is putting contact lenses on, and LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha is one of them! The “FEARLESS” singer talked all about it in a past vlog where she also dished on her favorite Filipino snack and  shared her favorite recipe for it.


While on the topic of contacts, Kazuha showed fans the brand she was practicing with. She explained that she has already practiced several times, but she still has not succeeded even once.

But like the optimistic person that she is, she refuses to give up! She vowed to continue trying until she succeeds.

I can’t wear contact lenses. I brought these to practice. I tried a few times, but I haven’t succeeded yet. Someday, when I finally get to wear contacts, please congratulate me. I will keep practicing until I do.

— Kazuha

The reason why she’s so motivated to wear them is because she believes it’s fun and that it’ll change the way she looks. She’s already naturally beautiful, but she can’t help but wonder how she’ll look with different colored eyes.

I think it’ll be fun if I wear colored contacts. You look different if you wear them, so I’ve been wanting to try [them.]

— Kazuha

Finally, Kazuha revealed the real reason why she struggles to put them on. She has perfect vision, so she’s never had the need to wear them growing up. It’s a new skill that she’s only learning recently, but one she’ll undoubtedly pick up in no time judging by how hard she’s trying!

But it’s hard. My eyesight is good. I’ve never worn contacts or even glasses, so this is a challenge for me. Contacts…fighting.

— Kazuha

In a separate vlog, Kazuha explained what tools she uses to help massage her body and exercise on-the-go. Check it out here:

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Source: YouTube