LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Makes A “Mistake” On Stage And How The Other Members React Showcases Their True Personalities

The moment happened during LE SSERAFIM’s recent Japanese showcase!

LE SSERAFIM recently had their Japanese debut with the single “FEARLESS” (Japanese Ver.), and have already attracted a lot of attention for their impressive visuals in the new MV.

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

The group also held a Japanese showcase, where they impressed attendees with the new version of “FEARLESS” and “Blue Flame.” The group stunned fans with their looks for the showcase, with all of the members having dyed their hair black and dressed elegantly in white!

While their talent and beauty were some of the show’s highlights, their silly and chaotic actions during the showcase also attracted attention. One moment involving Sakura making a mistake on stage has since gone viral and showcased the other members’ true personalities.


During a portion of the showcase, the group did a random play dance. LE SSERAFIM are known for their spectacular synchrony while dancing, so a random play dance would be nothing for the group!

When “Blue Flame” came on, the group seemed to all run into position, except Sakura, who began bickering with Eunchae.

The two continue bickering before all of the members seem to gang up on Sakura, laughing while doing so. Eunchae playfully chases Sakura around the stage before all the group can get it together and slay the song’s chorus!

Media at the event were able to snap photos of this as it happened, making for some hilarious shots.

This hilarious moment showcased the members’ sibling-like bond and their funny personalities!


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