LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Gets Real About How Her Former Members Used To Do Something That Frustrated Her

She also found it cute.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura recently reminisced on her past as a long-time idol and opened up about the one action that she found both frustrating and cute about her former members.


The top star talked all about it on an episode of TheKstarNextDoor where host Jonathan went through the group’s profiles and asked the girls questions about them.

When he reached Sakura’s profile, he noticed that she has over a decade of experience as an idol. She confirmed that she debuted in 2011. As a 24-year-old woman, that means she spent half her life as a celebrity!

  • Jonathan: You’re experienced. You’re an idol of 10 years?
  • Sakura: I debuted in Japan in 2011. I spent more than half of my life as an idol.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan asked if her members have ever frustrated her.

As an idol of 12 years, is there anything in the other members that frustrates you?

— Jonathan

Before Sakura joined SOURCE MUSIC‘s LE SSERAFIM, she used to be a member of HKT48AKB48, and IZ*ONE. If anyone is familiar with group dynamics, it’s her!

Without disclosing the specific group, Sakura recalled the music shows they would attend and lightheartedly revealed that the girls used to ask her if they were live. They were confused, unsure if their upcoming performance was a rehearsal or not.

When we’re rehearsing for the music show, ‘Sakura. Is this live?‘ and ‘Is this a live show?‘ When it’s a live show, they’re like, ‘Is this a rehearsal?

— Sakura

But in her defense, rather than viewing it as frustrating, she thought it was more adorable. “I thought that was cute,” she shared with a grin. Since she has years of experience under her belt, it’s no wonder her members used to turn to her for guidance.

In the same interview, Sakura told the story of how their choreographer up and left one day…and it turns out it was to recruit Kazuha! Check out the full story below.

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Recounts The Time Their Choreographer Left To Scout Kazuha…And What Happened To Their Classes

Source: YouTube


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