LE SSERAFIM Sakura’s Has A Strong Stance On How To Handle Being Cheated On In A Relationship

She’s so right!

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura is currently starring in a solo variety program titled Fearless Kura, created in the hopes of showing her in a variety of situations where she is “fearless.”


In the latest episode of Fearless Kura, Sakura was tasked with debating with Joo Woo Jae, a popular YouTuber known for being incredibly smart but also “pissing people off” through debates.

After some awkward start, the two are given the instructions for the day’s challenge. They will be given a prompt and two different sides to choose from. If they pick differently, they will debate with guest judge Shin Ah Yeong deciding who won.

The first set of options the two are given is having a lover who confesses to having an affair vs. a lover who hides it until the end. Both Sakura and Shin Ah Yeong admit that both are terrible, with Sakura wondering if she really has to decide between the two.

Sakura ends up going with having the lover who confesses while Woo Jae goes with having a lover who hides an affair.

The two immediately begin debating, with Sakura having a firm opinion about being cheated on, saying the answer should be obvious.

The two go back and forth, with Sakura saying that “having an affair is just apologetic and sad.” She even states that if she didn’t know about the affair she would “feel like an idiot.

If you’re human, you should confess first.

— Sakura

Woo Jae insists that not knowing would be a better option, causing Sakura and Shin Ah Yeong to call him a babo, or idiot.

Ultimately, Shin Ah Yeong sides with Sakura, but declares that Woo Jae won because he convinced her. Sakura ends this debate portion by calling Woo Jae an idiot one last time.

It’s refreshing to hear an idol talk about a relationship openly, even though it is all hypothetical.

You can check out the full episode below!


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