One Netizen Shared That They Met Lee Chaeyeon In Middle School, Here’s What They Said About The Experience

Lee Chaeyeon appeared to the public long before she debuted in IZ*ONE!

Sometimes, people unexpectedly meet K-Pop idols, and one netizen shared their experience of meeting former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon!

Former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon | @official_izone/Instagram

Before Chaeyeon debuted in IZ*ONE in 2018, she first appeared to the public in 2013 on SBS‘s K-Pop Star 3.

Chaeyeon appeared alongside her sister, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong, and they gained a lot of attention for their talents at such a young age!

Former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon (Left) & ITZY’s Chaeryeong (Right)

The original poster (OP) shared that in 2014, Chaeyeon visited their middle school and gave autographs for everyone in the class! The OP shared that they found theirs while cleaning and that they had no idea how big Chaeyeon had become since they don’t watch much TV!

Seven years ago, she (Lee Chaeyeon) visited my middle school and autographed for everyone in my class. I found mine while I was cleaning my room. I don’t really watch TV, so I had no idea, but it looks like she’s super famous now! #IZONE

— OP