4 Times Fans Got Lucky And Unexpectedly Met K-Pop Idols

Number 3 will warm your heart!

Some fans get extremely lucky and happen to bump into some of their favorite K-Pop idols. Here are 4 times fans got lucky and unexpectedly met K-Pop idols.

1. A fan randomly meeting ITZY’s Lia while working

ITZY’s Lia

A fan, who worked at a cafe, had quite the reaction when ITZY’s Lia came and ordered a drink. The fan was so starstruck that they forgot to add sugar syrup to Lia’s drink.

Lia took a sip of her drink, and it wasn’t as sweet as she asked it to be. Lia then went back to the store and politely asked if she could get her drink sweetened a little bit. Since Lia came back to the cafe, the fan got shook a second time!

2. A fan giving their umbrella to BTS’s Suga

BTS’s Suga

On a rainy day, BTS’s Suga went out to buy a compass saw. A fan spotted Suga and noticed that he didn’t have an umbrella. This fan decided to go to Suga and give him their umbrella. The situation got a little awkward, as it stopped raining as soon as this fan gave Suga the umbrella. The fan ran away since they were embarrassed. This fan later saw Suga again and saw that he still had the umbrella!

I went out to buy some makgeolli on a rainy day and saw Suga on the street. He was only wearing a cap, without an umbrella, so I ran to him and gave him my umbrella. But, after I gave the umbrella, it stopped raining. I went the other way to not make you feel uncomfortable, but I saw you again! You were still carrying the umbrella even if it was not raining. I was touched. I didn’t give you the umbrella because it was tiresome to carry it or anything like that.

— Fan

It seems that Suga was touched by this fan’s kind act, as he revealed that he still has the umbrella!

3. A fan getting comforted by GOT7’s Jackson

GOT7’s Jackson

The GOT7 members have been praised numerous times for their kind personalities, and Jackson did something sweet when he noticed a shy fan. A fan shared that GOT7 once visited the place where they work, and this fan was so shy that they were only able to stare at the GOT7 members. Jackson noticed how shy this fan was, so he reached out his hand and talked to the fan.

GOT7 visited a place where I work, and despite being a fan for so long, I was so shy and only stared at them. Maybe Jackson realized after seeing my red face, but he reached out his hand to hold mine and talked to me. I was so thankful.

— Fan

Jackson received praise for his kind act, and he said that this was the “obvious” thing to do!

4. A non-fan falling in love after seeing BTS’s Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook

A non-fan once randomly ran into BTS at a restaurant, and she ended up falling for Jungkook! The OP (original poster) explained that her friend loved BTS, but she wasn’t that interested in them.

A while back, my friend and I went to eat some gukbap [stew] to melt away the hangover. And we saw BTS’s RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, and Jin there. I didn’t really know because I’m not too into celebrities but my friend got excited because they’re BTS.

— OP (Original Poster)


The OP shared that she and her friend didn’t approach BTS, but they could hear their conversations because the restaurant was empty. The BTS members were constantly laughing, which lightened up the mood for the OP and her friend.

Their table wasn’t too close to ours, but the restaurant was pretty empty so we could hear their conversations. And they laughed sooooooo much LOL. Like they would take pictures for each other and crack up. And that actually lightened up my mood too. One of them has a really unique laugh — and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s unique in a way that is refreshing for everyone. LOL.

— OP


The member who caught the OP’s eyes was Jungkook, and she explained that he is her ideal type of man!

And Jungkook is seriously my ideal type of man… He was wearing a leather jacket, if I remember correctly. He was so f*cking my style. T-T And we made eye contact, haha.

— OP