Who is Lee Da In? Here’s Where You’ve Seen Lee Seung Gi’s New Girlfriend

She’s hidden in some of your favorite K-Dramas!

Actors Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In have been confirmed to be dating! How cute! Many K-Drama enthusiasts probably know Lee Seung Gi as he is a singer, actor, and host who appeared in things such as Mouse, A Korean Odyssey, Gu Family Book, Busted, and much more. However, many might not know his now-girlfriend Lee Da In! We’re here to help!

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28-year-old Lee Da In was born on November 5 as Lee Joo Hee in Seoul. Her family is full of talented, famous people (even including royalty!). Her mother is actress Kyeon Mi Ri, who has been in the K-Drama industry for about 37 years! She can be found in popular series such as Jewel in the Palace, Beautiful Gong Shim, Revolutionary Love, Backstreet Rookie, and more. These days, she often plays ahjumma and mother roles. Her older sister is actress Lee Yu Bi, who is well-known for her roles in Pinocchio, The Scholar Who Walks the Night, soon-to-be Yumi’s Cells, and more.

Her father, Im Young Gyu, is also an actor. However, her new stepfather and half-brother are not famous.

Lee Yu Bi in Scholar Who Walks the Night. | MBC
Kyeon Mi Ri in Revolutionary Love.

Lee Da In made her debut in the 2014 mini-drama Twenty Years Old with her co-star HIGHLIGHT‘s Gikwang. Since then, her only other role as the main character is her most recent project, Alice.

There are plenty more places you would recognize her as a support role, such as in Entourage, My Golden Life, Come and Hug Me, Doctor Prisoner, and more. Perhaps her most popular role was the adorable Soo Yeon in Hwarang. Her friendship with Ah Ro (Go Ah Ra) and her relationship with Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) nearly stole the show!

Soo Yeon in Hwarang. | KBS2 
Soo Yeon and Ban Ryu in Hwarang. 

Also, her Instagram is absolutely gorgeous, like a piece of art! She posts many aesthetic photos, including selfies, food, and places she’s traveled to. Here is just a taste of what she has to offer!

It appears she has a fluffy little dog and an orange cat as well!

Bonus fun fact: Both she and Lee Seung Gi enjoy golfing and have been seen playing together!

Lee Seung Gi