Lee Dong Wook’s New Drama Struggles, Netizens Believe This Is The Reason

It’s too much for its own good.

Lee Dong Wook and Im Si Wan‘s new K-Drama Hell is Other People has gained a tremendous amount of attention even before its premiere and throughout the first few episodes. Now that the drama is almost half way through, with 4 of the 10 episodes released, the viewer ratings are starting to settle.


And while featuring two of the top actors from the industry at the moment, the show isn’t receiving too much praise.

Lee Dong Wook Is A Total Creeper In “Hell Is Other People” And Viewers Can’t Handle It


After the latest episode, its viewer ratings reached a total of 3%, which was actually an all time low for the show. Considering other cable K-Dramas like Goblin and Sky Castle received ratings over 20%, the show is said to be doing average, at best.


Netizens, who became intrigued by the ratings, discussed what might have led to the series’ struggle. Initially, the synchronization of the cast to the original cartoon characters attracted a lot of potential viewers to the show…


… but the content of the drama itself has somewhat proven to be too dark, grotesque, and ultimately stress-inducing for the viewers. In other words, the drama is too well-made and very closely recreating the eerie vibe of the original that it is “creeping out” and driving away the viewers.

The Set For “Hell Is Other People” Is Delightfully Dark And Creepy


Numerous viewers have commented, “Watching this throws me into a bad mood all day.” Like so, many have realized the drama is too realistically creepy and simply unpleasant to watch, especially for an hour.

  • “It’s too grotesque. I feel horrible after watching it.”
  • “The show drains the soul out of me. It’s no wonder the ratings aren’t high.”
  • “It’s too damn well made and too creepy. I have to watch it in the day time.”
  • “I love the actors, they’re so good, but I can’t handle the stress.”
  • “This show gives me nightmares, so…”


If you’re still interested, or now more so intrigued by the comments, here’s a trailer:

Source: THEQOO