Lee Dong Wook’s Timeless Visuals Will Make You Wonder If He Found The Fountain Of Youth

Fans can’t believe he’s 37 years old!

Actor Lee Dong Wook boasts baby-faced visuals in a post to his official Instagram. In the photo, Lee Dong Wook smiled brightly while wearing a light blue suit. His skin was flawless and his eyes were clear and sparkly. Lee Dong Wook’s gentle look was also outstanding.

Fans who saw the photos were stunned by his flawless visuals and left comments such as, “Really handsome”, “I thought you were a sculpture”, and “You’re really half Korean and half-angel, aren’t you?”

Lee Dong Wook appeared in OCN‘s drama Hell Is Other People, which was recently broadcast in Korea. On November 2, he’ll hold a Korean fan meeting called “I’M WOOK” that will be held at Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in Seoul.

Source: kstyle