Lee Hyori Got Real Awkward When The Taxi Driver Didn’t Recognize Her At All

“Doesn’t Lee Hyori live in Jejudo?” – Taxi Driver “…” – Lee Hyori

On an episode of JTBC’s Camping Club, Lee Hyori and her fellow Fin.K.L members headed over to Gyeongju in a taxi.

During the taxi ride, Lee Hyori casually asked the driver, “Do you recognize us?

When the driver said he didn’t, Lee Hyori explained that they are in a group called Fin.K.L.

In response, the driver asked, “The old Fin.K.L?” to which Lee Hyori awkwardly answered, “Yes, an old group.

Lee Hyori then added that it’s a 4-member group and started to name all of the members when the driver suddenly remarked, “Doesn’t Lee Hyori live in Jejudo?

Only a while later did the taxi driver realize she was that Lee Hyori and asked, “Are you them?

In order to lighten the mood, Lee Hyori asked, “You didn’t recognize us without the makeup, did you?” to which Sung Yuri and Lee Jin mumbled, “We put on our best makeup today though…

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