Fans Call For Someone To Steal “Squid Game” Lee Jung Jae’s Phone After Seeing How Hot He Looks In Pictures By His Stylist

Send help 😂

Squid Game actor Lee Jung Jae just recently created Instagram after his success with Squid Game but fans are already calling for someone to take his phone away! The reason? They just think his selfies don’t do him justice at all! Here’s a look at one of his selfies from his ‘gram.

| @from_jjlee/Instagram

If we took such a selfie, someone would be calling us a boomer. But since it’s the stunning Lee Jung Jae… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thankfully, fans got a treat when they discovered his stylist’s Instagram. She had taken many photos of him on set of various photoshoots and uploaded them for everyone to enjoy. Just look at how his true beauty shines through!

We’re almost beginning to think that his front camera is an anti fan.

Someone stop him from taking selfies already!

While his stylists’s handle was not publicized in articles for her privacy, netizens couldn’t help but wonder about her page. They also pleaded with Lee Jung Jae to get the photos from her and use them instead.

  • “Can’t we confiscate his front camera??”
  • “Please just upload these on your Instagram, Jae Lee oppa.”
  • “Confiscate his gram.”
  • “But the last picture (his selfie) is really meant for confiscation kkkkk”
  • “You have people to take pictures for you like this so just why”
  • “Someone please upload these for him”
  • “Please do the half-up half-down hair”
  • “No but the last pic (selfie) please don’t take selfies.”
| theqoo

What do you think? Do you think that his selfie skills don’t do his face justice?

Source: theqoo