Lee Kwang Soo Died of Laughter After Seeing Song Ji Hyo’s Lock Screen Wallpaper

There was no way Kwang Soo and Haha were going to let Ji Hyo get away with this one.

On an episode of Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo exposed Song Ji Hyo‘s lock screen wallpaper and made everybody burst into laughter.

In the episode, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, and Haha, who were on the same team, made their way to their mission in a sports car.

Although they had a destination, they didn’t know how to use the navigator inside the car, leading to some hardship.

So Song Ji Hyo generously offered Lee Kwang Soo her phone so that he could use the navigator on it…

And that’s when Lee Kwang Soo saw Song Ji Hyo’s lock screen wallpaper, putting him at a loss for words.

What’s this? Your lock screen is a list from January to December in English.

– Lee Kwang Soo

When he showed everybody the screen, Song Ji Hyo tried to take her phone back while Haha playfully teased her.

Jihyo, are you studying English?

— Haha

But Song Ji Hyo denied it, and Haha attempted to comfort her by sharing his own hardships with the months.

Jihyo: I just set it as that for no reason!

Haha: That’s okay. I also get November and December mixed up.


The members continued to tease Song Ji Hyo for her admirable efforts at studying English at a later age, which isn’t surprising since they’re Running Man.

But props to Song Ji Hyo for her efforts!

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