Lee Kwang Soo Reveals Who He Thinks Is The Prettiest BLACKPINK Member

Lee Kwang Soo gave an honest answer.

BLACKPINK recently guested on Running Man, and they played numerous games. One game they played had everyone wear a device that detected changes in emotions using brainwaves. The device would move if the person got excited or nervous and wouldn’t move if they remained calm. The goal of the game was to remain as calm as possible.

| sNack!/YouTube

In the game, everyone asked each other difficult questions, and Lee Kwang Soo had to answer various questions related to BLACKPINK.

Lee Kwang Soo

During the game, Jennie asked Lee Kwang Soo, who he thought was the prettiest BLACKPINK member.


Lee Kwang Soo’s device started moving immediately, and he hesitated to answer the question at first.


However, he soon answered by picking Rosé.


Lee Kwang Soo’s honesty didn’t “sit well” with Jennie, as she showed an adorable reaction to his answer.

Here’s the full video below!

Running Man

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