Lee Kyu Hyung Explains Why He Didn’t Even Look at the Script Before Accepting the Role in “Hi Bye, Mama!”

The power of Kim Tae Hee.

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM, Lee Kyu Hyung confessed that the reason why he took on the role in the popular drama, Hi Bye, Mama! was all because of Kim Tae Hee.


On the show, Lee Kyu Hyung was asked to use 10 syllables to describe how he felt when he found out he’d be playing Kim Tae Hee’s husband in the drama.

And in response, Lee Kyu Hyung offered a witty response.

The role of Kim Tae Hee’s husband. Sign me up.

Lee Kyu Hyung

He then added that he didn’t even look at the script before immediately accepting the role because of Kim Tae Hee.

As soon as I was offered the role, I told them I’d do it. I didn’t even look at the script.

– Lee Kyu Hyung

Netizens who heard this responded in sympathy with comments such as “If I was offered a role to play Kim Tae Hee’s husband, I’d take it right away.”

In Hi Bye, Mama! , Lee Kyu Hyung played the husband of both Kim Tae Hee and Go Bo Gyul.

When asked who he would pick between Cha Yoo Ri and Oh Min Jung, Lee Kyu Hyung gave a sincere answer.

I wasn’t able to find an answer to that for the whole 5 months of filming. Having to choose just one is cruel.

– Lee Kyu Hyung

The drama is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Insight