Lee Kyung Kyu’s Past Advice Telling Jang Do Yeon To Stay Away From R-Rated Comedy Makes Headlines

There’s a connection to Park Na Rae’s controversy.

Comedian Lee Kyung Kyu‘s past advice to his hoobae comedian, Jang Do Yeon is making headlines 3 months later.

Comedian Lee Kyung Kyu. | Joy News 24

Back in January 2021, comedian Jang Do Yeon featured as a guest on Lee Kyung Kyu’s KakaoTV show, Jjin Kyung Kyu. While he provided some heartfelt guidance to his hoobae comedian, his advice is belatedly making headlines due to its eerie connection to Park Na Rae‘s controversy.

Previously, Park Na Rae became the center of heavy backlash when she made crude sexual jokes and gestures while on a broadcast. The scrutiny eventually led to the show’s cancellation and a time of self-reflection by the comedian.

Still of penis joke on “Hey Na Rae” | YouTube

The January episode of Jjin Kyung Kyu began with Lee Kyung Kyu asking Jang Do Yeon a question about her place in comedy and her comedic character.

“If we think ‘Doyeon-i’ is there a character you think of for yourself?” | KakaoTV

To this question, Jang Do Yeon had a moment of pondering before sharing that this was actually one of her concerns.

“This is actually a small concern of mine.” | KakaoTV

The comedian further shared why the topic of comedic characters worries her so.

“I realized I don’t particularly have a set character.” | KakaoTV

She then brings up numerous different comedians, including Park Na Rae and their R-rated jokes as an example.

Even if I wanted to do R-rated jokes, there’s no refreshing way for me to do it. [Ahn] Young Mi sunbae does it while keeping her boundaries, and I’m not there. [Park] Na Rae sunbae has a lot of energy, and I don’t have that. [Kim] Sook sunbae is cool and she has a charisma, which I don’t have.

— Jang Do Yeon

To her concerns, Lee Kyung Kyu decided to step in and help her figure out her character.

“I will help you figure out a character on this show today.” | KakaoTV

The veteran comedian then shared some heartfelt advice with his hoobae. He revealed that he believes she is “the type of comedian that can have a good and natural conversation with people.

“You’re the type of comedian that can have a good and natural conversation with people.” | KakaoTV

It was here that Lee Kyung Kyu gave her some firm advice in regards to R-rated jokes. He told her, “Don’t do R-Rate jokes.

“Don’t do R-rated jokes.” | KakaoTV

He further elaborated why he was sharing that piece of advice with her by comparing her to the world-renown talk show host, Oprah Winfrey.

I honestly believe that you’re one of the few people in our country that can become like Oprah Winfrey.

— Jang Do Yeon

Lee Kyung Kyu concluded his advice by sharing with Jang Do Yeon why he believes she’ll be like Oprah and what she can do to achieve it.

There’s no one else who is as good at conversation as you. You don’t need to worry about having a character. Within the shows that you do, you just need to make your character as lively as you can.

— Lee Kyung Kyu

As the backlash against Park Na Rae continues in the midst of her inappropriate sex jokes, Lee Kyung Kyu’s advice to Jang Do Yeon has been belatedly garnering attention due to its timing and eerie connection.

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