Lee Min Ho’s Fanclub Revealed To Have Continuously Done Good Deeds In His Name

There are as many good as bad people in this world.

It seems that fans of the well-known actor, Lee Min Ho, did not stop at simply filling his living room with thoughtful gifts – they went a step further and donated close to $2335 USD to the Holt’s Children’s Welfare Association, as announced by the chairman, Kim Ho Hyun on the 24th of June.

Lee Min Ho’s fan club, DC Inside Lee Min Ho Gallery, made the donation in commemoration of the actor’s birthday that has just passed on the 22nd of June. The money is slotted to the use of “Medical Expenses for Children of Families At Risk”. Last year-end, the Gallery also donated over $3400 USD worth of baby food to children awaiting adoption as well.

Lee Min Ho himself has also established a donation brand in 2014 entitled “Promise”, that aims to promise to share happiness through immediate action. The DC Inside Lee Min Ho Gallery has been continuously supporting the Holt’s Children’s Welfare Association since 2016, through emergency expenses, sponsoring of children with heart problems, milk money and other various donation activities, creating a positive image for both the fan and artist.

In particular, the Holt’s Children’s Welfare Association supports children up for adoption due to troubled families, as well as to help reinstate single parents and those with long-term diseases, expanding their help to other countries as well.

Well done to both Lee Min Ho and his fans! We hope that this will continue the trend of donating to show support for the artist.


Source: OSEN