Lee Seung Gi Expresses Concern That His Emotional Issues Are Going Unaddressed

“I haven’t cried in 4 years.” — Lee Seung Gi

On a recent episode of SBS‘s All The Butlers, Lee Seung Gi opened about the emotional hardships he’s been suffering and his worry that they’ve been going unaddressed for far too long.

The conversation began when Cha Eunwoo asked Lee Seung Gi if he has shed tears before and Lee Seung Gi gave an unexpected answer in response.

No, not recently. I haven’t cried in 4 years.

– Lee Seung Gi

But that confession was just the tip of the iceberg.

Lee Seung Gi then went on to share the emotional hardships he’s been enduring and how he hasn’t done anything to address them.

These days, I feel like I might’ve lost my sad feelings entirely. If that feeling comes to me, I just cut it off. I don’t even have the leisure to feel that way. If you ask me how I relieve my stress, I don’t know how. I get really, really stressed, but I don’t know where that all goes. It’s building up somewhere, but I don’t know where it is. If something’s difficult, I bury it in the ground. I don’t think I’ve ever let it out.

— Lee Seung Gi


After hearing Lee Seung Gi’s worrying confession, he was advised to try writing in a journal, and Lee Seung Gi sympathized with the idea.

I wonder if things would get better once I start taking things out instead of burying them.

— Lee Seung Gi


But there’s one more thing that Lee Seung Gi is struggling to address.


Small moments of happiness can’t be saved from my experience. No matter how much I try to collect small moments of happiness, it doesn’t return to be as big happiness.

— Lee Seung Gi

Here’s hoping Lee Seung Gi finds the answers he’s looking for soon.

Source: Insight