Lee Seung Gi Assures Fans That He’s Safe and Sound in Response to Fans’ Panic

Fans were worried about him.

Lee Seung Gi recently announced to fans that he’s currently in Korea and that he’s safe and sound in response to fans’ panic.


In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, fans asked the silly of question of where he was and if he was okay.

Netizens Are Looking for Lee Seung Gi in the Midst of the Coronavirus Outbreak

And surprisingly, Lee Seung Gi kindly responded to the online commotion himself and assured fans that he’s in Korea.

Everybody keeps asking where I am… I’m in Korea!!! Please take care of your health, everyone. #washyourhands

– Lee Seung Gi

The reason why this question was being asked is that Lee Seung Gi was revealed to have such good luck that he can avoid natural disasters.

Back in 2011, Lee Seung Gi canceled his schedule in Japan, allowing him to avoid the earthquake that took place at the time.

And in 2012, Lee Seung Gi avoided Typhoon Bolaven in Korea by coincidentally going abroad, and the conditions got better once he returned.

And even in 2018, upon Lee Seung Gi’s arrival in Korea, Typhoon Soulik died down significantly.

Most believe these were all just coincidences, but fans still demanded to know that Lee Seung Gi avoided the risky areas for this incident as well.

In response to Lee Seung Gi’s assurance, fans are responding with comments such as “Thank you for letting us know”, “I’m relieved“, and “I heard about the rumors“.

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