Lee Seung Gi Thanks Suzy’s Face in Their Acceptance of the Best Couple Award

Lee Seung Gi cracked everybody up.

The 2019 SBS Drama Awards recently took place at SBS Prism Tower, hosted by Shin Dong Yup and Jang Na Ra.

Just as Suzy hoped for in the first half of the awards ceremony, she and Lee Seung Gi won the Best Couple Award for their chemistry in Vagabond.

Upon accepting the award, Lee Seung Gi expressed how happy he was to receive the award.

I was even willing to throw a fit for this award, so I’m very happy to receive this award.

– Lee Seung Gi

Suzy also expressed her joy and credited their win to having great chemistry with Lee Seung Gi since they had already worked together before.

I really wanted to receive this award, so I’m very happy right now. This is my second project with Seung Gi Oppa. Maybe that’s why we had even better chemistry this time.

– Suzy

But then Lee Seung Gi caught many people off guard by also thanking Suzy’s face.

I’d like to give this award to Suzy, who maintained her face in good condition for 1 whole year.

– Lee Seung Gi

After a good laugh over Lee Seung Gi’s joke, host Shin Dong Yup expressed his wishes for a second season of Vagabond, to which Lee Seung Gi sympathized.

It’d be amazing if a second season became reality. I feel like it’s possible if the directors act on it as soon as possible.

– Lee Seung Gi

Source: Insight