Lee Seung Gi Personally Filmed Some Dangerous Stunt Scenes For “Vagabond” — Here’s How It Went Down

He practiced really hard for them.

While most actors use stunt doubles for dangerous scenes, local favorite Lee Seung Gi shocked viewers when it was revealed that it personally did some of the dangerous stunts by himself.

For a scene where he would be ruthlessly dragged by a car, it was revealed that he personally took part in the filming of that scene.

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In a different flick, Mouse, he also jumped in front of a moving car.

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However, this isn’t something just anyone should attempt. Lee Seung Gi made the decision as there are some action scenes in the show that would require him to show his face in a close-up. After discussion with the directors, he attended action school for a long time in order to prepare these scenes.

Of course, not all his action scenes were filmed by him! For the more dangerous ones, such as this one, which involved him jumping off a roof, it was filmed with the help of a double.

We applaud his dedication and professionalism!

Source: theqoo

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