Lee Young Ji Exposes Her Dating Struggles And Danish Singer Christopher Gives Her Perfect Advice

She also revealed one of her celebrity crushes.

Rapper Lee Young Ji continually goes viral for her candid and entertaining show, My Alcohol Diary. Her show has become so popular that she even had Danish singer Christopher Lund Nissen as her latest guest.

Throughout the episode, the two joked about cultural differences between Denmark and South Korea, including drinking habits.

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Lee Young Ji also teased Christopher about being married with a daughter since, as Christopher pointed out, K-Pop idols aren’t typically allowed to date publicly.

Lee Young Ji: I heard that you have a wife and a daughter.

Christopher: Wife and daughter. Yeah.

Lee Young Ji: You betrayed Korean fans.

Christopher: I heard that’s the thing here like you can’t have a nice relationship and be a pop star. You have to be single forever.

But Christopher still asks Lee Young Ji about her dating life, to which Lee Young Ji answers by drinking alone.

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Even though Christopher is amused by her funny answer, he still asks Lee Young Ji what her dating life is really like.

Christopher: We need to get down to business. You can’t avoid this. The boys, the dating situation. What is it like?

Lee Young Ji: Oh my gosh. I am so sad.

Christopher: It’s so sad?

Lee Young Ji explains that she struggles to date because “guys don’t prefer” girls as loud and confident as she is.

Lee Young Ji: It’s so sad. Because all the guys don’t prefer girls with a loud voice and strong personality.

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Of course, Christopher immediately reassures Lee Young Ji that people worth her time will embrace her personality.

Christopher: Yeah, you are a strong woman, but you know only a weak man cannot handle a strong woman. Only a strong man can handle a strong woman.

Lee Young Ji: For real.

Christopher: You should never change who you are. You should just keep looking for a strong man that can handle a strong personality.

But Lee Young Ji quickly reveals that she also struggles because the people she gets crushes on don’t like her back.

Lee Young Ji: Yeah, you are right, but I have another problem.

Christopher: What is that?

Lee Young Ji: I love boys who don’t love me.

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Which, ironically enough, Christopher can relate to. Although he fell in love with his wife from the moment he saw her…

Lee Young Ji: How can I handle that problem? So how did you fall in love with your wife?

Christopher: It was like… She is a little bit like you. She is very loud. You’ll know when she is in the room. Big laugh, big smile. Just shining. So I saw her and I was like “She looks amazing.” And I walked up to her and the chemistry was just like… And I was just like “I’m going to marry that girl.”

Lee Young Ji: On the first day?

Christopher: First day. Five minutes after we met, we kissed.

Lee Young Ji: That can’t be real in Korea.

Christopher reveals that his wife was interested in someone else and initially rejected him.

Christopher: You know, it just happened. I knew. I mean there is this saying, “When you know, you know.” For me, I was like, “I know that’s the one.”

Lee Young Ji: I think you and your wife, the “love of my life” thing was a miracle.

Christopher: No, you know what she said to me? She was like “Yeah, it’s cool but I don’t want you.”

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Curious, Lee Young Ji wonders how Christopher could get the courage to kiss his wife so soon after meeting her if she wasn’t also interested in him.

Christopher: I was smoking at that time. So I was outside smoking cigarettes.

Lee Young Ji: This is getting exciting.

Christopher: She was walking past me, and she was like “I didn’t know you smoke.” And I was like “I am an old guy so I can do whatever I want.” She was like “Yeah you can do whatever you want.” And I was like “really?” and she was like “Yeah.” And I said “then I am going to kiss you.

Lee Young Ji finds Christopher’s story so romantic that she jokes that she should try setting up the same scenario.

Lee Young Ji: Such a movie.

Christopher: Yeah that’s a movie moment right there.

Lee Young Ji: I need to use the same way. I need to smoke…

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Eventually, Lee Young Ji shares one of her celebrity crushes. While even Christopher can’t deny Jay Park‘s visuals, he warns Lee Young Ji that when she tries to pursue a romantic relationship, she should focus on personality over looks.

Christopher: You should care less about the six packs. And care more about the…

Lee Young Ji: Personality?

Christopher: Way more.

Christopher explains that since relationships require constant work, it’s always important to find someone whose personality you love.

Christopher: So any day I would go for big personality over big beauty.

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Christopher definitely had good advice for the young rapper, who will hopefully never sacrifice her incredible personality for others’ needless opinions.

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